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Adapt DS Mod to Dst and get widget error

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so I tried to adapt the DS mod to DST and it will not work. I alreday updated the ThePlayer stuff, but there is still something missing ... about widget replica.


Creating the item is working, but when i will open/use it, it crashes:

[00:01:35]: [string "scripts/widgets/containerwidget.lua"]:29: attempt to index local 'widget' (a nil value)
LUA ERROR stack traceback:
scripts/widgets/containerwidget.lua:29 in (method) Open (Lua) <24-149>
   self =
      callbacks = table: 7E6DEBC8
      slotsperrow = 3
      inst = 101727 -  (valid:true)
      focus = false
      children = table: 7E6DEC40
      focus_flow_args = table: 7E6DF1B8
      focus_target = false
      isopen = false
      owner = 100184 - wendy (valid:true)
      open = false
      can_fade_alpha = true
      inv = table: 7E6E0658
      parent = 
      name = Container
      bgimage = Image - :
      focus_flow = table: 7E6DEB78
      enabled = true
      bganim = UIAnim
      shown = true
   container = 101056 - casket (valid:true)
   doer = 100184 - wendy (valid:true)
   widget = nil


The problem my be in the new compontent: https://github.com/krylincy/local_casket/blob/master/scripts/components/casket.lua

but i don't know whats wrong. i read about init the widget https://github.com/krylincy/local_casket/blob/master/scripts/prefabs/casket.lua#L60

but that isnt working ...


any help would be great :)


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For anyone who land here:

We need to add the container widget to the replica, too:


if not TheWorld.ismastersim then
		inst.OnEntityReplicated = function(inst) 
		return inst


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