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Ranch Size Calculator - Oni Assistant

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Hi all, 

It's been a while but I'm on some annual leave and had a chance to put some time in to a request for a Ranch Calculator for Oni Assistant. In putting it together I've come cross a couple of inconsistencies between wiki sources and the game itself. E.g. it's impossible for a hatch to birth 16 eggs in its lifetime. 

Always looking for a healthy challenge on my math and any additions/changes that you think might make the tool more useful for you. 



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Thank you! Very useful. I see you also linked it from the food calculator.

It provides mathematical support for the ratio I've always used, 8:5. One stable full of stone hatches support 5 dups. Expecially 40 : 25.

But, that's only a theoretical maximum.

In the past I've used to believe the 16 eggs per lifecycle myth (my bad). After discussing with you (on reddit) I realized that's wrong. So I though my ratio included enough margin to account for inevitable ranching inefficiencies (baby critters being dropped in the stables, or even none present in incubators at the moment one critter dies of old age).

That's not the case. 40:25 is no longer safe for pratical purposes. Inefficiencies can be in the 5% - 10% range depending on how sophisticated your stables are (mine aren't - no effort is made to avoid babies inside ranches). That means that 5 ranches reasonably support 22-23 dups only in practice. Even a 5:3 ratio (40:24) it's kinda optimistic. Maybe with a very optimized setup. I think I'll use 7:4 since now on.

Wait. I no longer have to remember a ratio now. I'll just use your calculator! See what I did there? :p

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