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A weapon that you "feed" items, is it possible?

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Hello all, its unfortunate but some time ago I lost my local files for my modded character, Darna:


So I decided to just rework her from the ground up and make a new mod. I aim to keep her base quirks, but remove her stone Axe, and replace it with a more special weapon.


Squalo, an axe that has quite a few quirks of its own:

- It can run out of durability and break, when that happens it gets replaced with a "broken" version that you cant equip, and have to repair via crafting menu

- It serves as an axe, pick and shovel, but performs all their tasks at reduced efficiency (not sure how that would work for digging tho, maybe ill just leave digging as normal)

-The axe is jealous and wont allow Darna to equip any other axes, picks, or shovels.

-You can repair lost durability before the axe breaks by feeding it flint

-It will have upgrade tiers via crafting menu, adding features and stats to it. at tier 1 it  would be comparable to a normal spear, at tier 2 it gains damage comparable to a battle spear and lasts a bit longer, and finally at thier 3 it is comparable to a hambat, can chop and mine at the same efficiency as regular tools, and has a weak lifesteal effect.


The bits I am not sure how to do are the act of repairing the axe with flint. maybe it could be possible to check if the axe is being held, and if so, enable flint to be used by the character (same animation as crafting an object, perhaps) when dragged from the inventory and dropped on her?


Also spawning the broken axe in her inventory if the weapon runs out of durability (or on the ground near her if the inventory is full)

The rest, like being unable to equip tools and the weapons stats, i imagine i should be able to find ways to do it if i search the forums, they seem to be common mod themes.


any help would be apreciated, and also suggestions for balance would be greatly welcome. I have no idea how hard should it be to craft these tiers, I would like it to take some effort but not discourage players if they accidentaly break a tier 3 axe (they would have to start over from tier 1)

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Yep. Something something fuel. If you want other fuel-types than the regular ones (e.g. burnable) you have to make your own fuel-type. There are threads about this on the forum. If you find it difficult to find what you want on the forum, check out my tips for searching the forums in the newcomer post.

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