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I notice that there are not much weather based dangers in winter then freezing to death, so I invented some new things that would appear in winter

- snow storm

during some points of winter over night and day, a snow storm will appear and could freeze a player to death if they’re not properly prepared. Mind you a snow storm can happen more then once during winter, a snowstorm can also put out a fire if your not careful

after the snowstorm ends a new structures will appear

- snow banks

after the storm know banks will appear around the map and will act as walls, all you have to do is shovel them out, but if you shovel to much you may tire your character out.

- snow boulders

snow boulders are created by snow storms and can be pushed by the snow storm or the player however player beware, if a boulder gets to big it can possibly destroy structures so make sure that you mine it

- resources

if you mine a boulder or shovel up a snow bank, you can get no surprise but snow and with snow your able to make snowballs which can be used as a weapon but it’s not very practical 

you could however put ice in it and make a spikey snowball which will deal a little more damage but yet again, not very practical 


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spiked snowballs....well when i hear spiked i usually think of the fruit punch at a frat party, but i'd say that's better made from stinger than ice since stingers are...actually sharp

as another thing, snow could also be used for snowmen, in the same way sand castles can be made in shipwrecked. they would provide small sanity and melt after winter or even during winter. 

one more thing, ice floes. big sheets of ice polluting large enough bodies of water, such as the ocean or lakes. they would make sailing much harder as well as provide some of the winter goodies from both this post and the iceberg post.

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I'd personally like to see some long-term stuff added to the game that takes place after a certain amount of time is elapsed. Finding a good median between what counts as a challenge and what could potentially be a punishment is a good starting point.

Having multiple stages of progression each time a season comes around (IE: 2nd winter you get snow storms, 3rd winter you get snow banks, 4th winter you may get a new mob to spawn, etc.), ultimately reaching its maximum potential after a pre-determined amount of cycles (say 9 winters for example), you could gradually add challenge to the game while also giving the player ample time to prepare and lengthening the amount of time it would take to make a world you can rest easy in. 

I love ideas like these because it adds more depth to the environment the survivors are in, and it reinforces the idea that they are in fact still "Survivors" and not "Thrivers".

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