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European Starling


Superb lyrebird







There are many birds that can imitate humans, I gave four examples above.

We could domesticate these birds to speak the things that are written when they are placed on top of signs.

Klei, it is much more practical to hear the birds saying what is written when we approach the signs, than to examine them.

And Wes wouldn't suffer for not being able to speak.

The problem is not Wes. Please give him accessibility!

Thank you for your attention.

I couldn't quote you @Mike23Ua (was the one who made me think about it).

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They would speak like the Parrot Pirate.
But as the birds have difficulties to speak.

For example

You write on the sign “Please don’t pick the flowers.”

When you put it on top of the sign it will say:
  "Please ... don’t pick the flowers (Makes a crow noise), etc".

And those two things:
(...) And (Makes a crow noise)

They are placed in the sentences between spaces.

Maybe randomly?

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