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Varg farm not working

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I attempted to put together a Varg/Hound farm the other day. Taking into account the recent changes that allow Hounds to swim I created a box-like farm in the middle of nowhere. I had seen a JamesBucket video (i think it was James) where no catapults were used, and i'm pretty sure the Varg was telelocated into position. 

I set up the farm, slept and telelocated a loose Varg we had roaming the map. The Varg ended up in the proper position, and after replacing the rabbit bait (who I'm assuming got struck by lighting when the Varg telelocated into position) everything was working fine, except the Varg isnt spawning any Hounds.

At first I thought this was because the original Hounds around the Varg were still alive somewhere. After the telelocation they went running off towards who knows where. I scoured the map looking for them but never found them, so now I'm guessing just like relocating Volt Goats using a telelocator doesnt work?

Anyone have any insight on this?

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You could try punching the varg so it reaggroes on you and (maybe) spawns more hounds. Try retracing the entire way from where you telelocated the varg to the hound farm, since hounds may have been unloaded and this is why they never come back. 
I'm afraid you'll have to dispose of that varg in the worst scenario. 
Also you may take a look at Gabriel Gabriel's Moonstone farm. This design seems much better incorporated to the new water mechanics than the design mentioned earlier.

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