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Flooding Dodge - Accidental Clever Strategy or Sheer Luck?

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In my most recent Shipwrecked game, I built my camp at the very end of a a narrow cape of land. I chose that spot because it was conveniently close to the volcano. I prepared sandbags for the flooding season, but when that season came, no puddles appeared. Everywhere else in the world seemed to get flood puddles, but not a single one appeared anywhere near my camp. My camp stayed completely unflooded the whole season. The nearest puddles were down by the tallbirds and spiders that you can see in the screenshot I included.

I was wondering why this happened. Perhaps I was just really lucky that no puddles chose to spawn anywhere near my camp. But I wonder if something about the narrowness of the cape, perhaps combined with the small patch of cobblestones that I laid under the main structures in my camp, could have caused there to not be enough room for a puddle to spawn. If puddles require a certain amount of natural, non-flooring tiles to spawn, building on narrow strips of land with patches of flooring on them could be a strategy to avoid flooding in your camp.

Flooding is my least favorite thing in Shipwrecked, so if I unintentionally discovered a way to prevent that happening completely, that would be cool, and I'll do it on purpose in the future. Does anyone know more about the flooding mechanics to tell me if my theory is correct?



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