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1st toadstool fight experience

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So I was at my base crafting some stuff with the material recollected and i notice how many volt goat horns i have and i farmed a lot of moose/goose feathers so what if i prepare for toadstool? It will be my first time, i had played a lot with my friends but we never killed the big guys so i decide to kill all of then in the actual run with wolfgang so i can learn how to fight them easy.

Before nothing i return to lunar island so i can craft some axes and then pack everything and go to the subterrain base

The plan was carrying a lot of stuff for the fight and future travels to my cave base and when i were there i could craft more weapons (i let all my living logs in the caves for future crafts because i though i could farm more living logs, sadly i farm a entire scaled chest of wood and no treeguard spawns, twice...) and cook more food like surf n turf because i went with 30% sanity. 

Near of my base there is a hole where toadstool spawns so i checked before going base and i found it empty but then i remembered that there is another toadstool spot near so "why no check it before going base so i could know where he is?" When i arrive i found toadstool musroom. My hype increse to warning levels.

I had a precrafted  fridge and i do the maths quickly for the weapons i had fear that 2 thulecite clubs and 3 dark swords arent enough. The maths told me that i have a little more potential damage than toadstool HP but i had the insanity problem, "what if i waste a lot of durabily on shadows" Thankfull i got with me a glass cutter so i though "this could work." 

I was so hyped that i dont wanted to leave the mushroom to go craft (having fear of it moving to another hole, i dont really know how toadstools spawn mechanic works)

Finally i decide to start the fight. I got my fridge with some dragon pies and bacon and eggs and half of my jellybeans (that i bring to the caves to have a chest with some healing for future ruins gathering)

Before the fight i decide to activate the epic boss health bar. I dont like it because you can change the strategy base on how many hp its left but for this 1st time i made the exception just to know if will be able to kill him.

Everything was prepare. Weather pains, some armor, healing (i let the jellybeans near of the fight so i can pick up them if i needed, big mistake) i crafted a torch so i could burn spore caps and burn toadstool for extra damage fearing that i will run out of weapons 

The fight starst and holly molly what a mental fight more than everything. With the insanity and toadstool summoning his danm trees i was so stressed, i really needed to chop every tree in order to be able to kill him, if not he will get his damage absortion and my weapons wouldnt be enough. i made a lot of mistakes just for being tired of such long fight... and i love it. This was my favourite fight in the entire game, repressent how tiny its the character in comparation of the nature force of the constace.

I bring with me a pan flaute that i used just for letting my mind rest.

At the end i could kill but almost die and i dont know what would happend if i didnt activate the HP mod. I run out of food, my gellybeans burned, sanity finally drops to 0, all my weather pains started to run out but finnally i was able to kill him, i wanted to much his lamp post for my both bases i finnally get it

Thanks klei for such experience, i hope next bosses will have this quality. One of the most original boss fight i have ever played

I let the record if someone wants to watch me suffer


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4 hours ago, Well-met said:

Pretty cool tale.

To me Toadstool was Klei's experiment with making a boss that uses indirect attacks and no melee hits.

just a shame his loot is near worthless and there isn't much to do with its skin.

i think the loot is good but for such big fight its a little dissapointing

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