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The Klei team recently added a solid filter, further making solid transport like liquid and gas transport. One additional building that can be brought over would be the reservoir.

I have a three instances of implementing this via storage bins or weight plates:

  1. Manual supply to rust deoxidizer

    Delivery to rust deoxidizer until tank/reservoir is full, then disable the input for a long time. Tank is "full" when lowest priority smart storage bins become full. If a solid reservoir existed, I would not need the smart storage bins, storage bins, conveyor loaders, and auto-sweeper inside the room. Note that the doors to the room have access restricted, otherwise duplicants would be in a perpetual loop tanking materials from the internal storage bins and delivering to the outside conveyor loaders.



  2. Manual supply to Ethanol Distiller or Nosh Sprout farm

    This is the most basic implementation of a solid reservoir/tank where the tank level is monitor and controlled manually. If a solid reservoir existed, I could simply enable/disable a Conveyor Loader based on the reservoir level.


  3. Polluted dirt to polluted oxygen machine


    This is a work in progress; tips are not welcome though as I would like to figure this out on my own :). Essentially what I am trying to do is take the bins that have sublimated to less than 20kg and create new bins that are 20kg in size. So I essentially am attempting to empty the conveyor and run the conveyor loader when then mass is sufficiently high, since I do not want to create bins less than 20kg. On the other end, if the entire system's level becomes sufficiently low, I want to add new polluted dirt.



I do realize that these implementations work and that a new building is not needed; that is why I labeled this thread as "minor". I just figured that since there was so much demand for a solid transport filter that could have been implemented with conveyor receptacles, conveyor loaders, and auto-sweepers; then perhaps there is demand for a solid reservoir as well.


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