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For a while now when i launch the game it starts partly on my second monitor (to the right) and slightly low. If i go full screen or drag the window to the top of my monitor it fixes the issue for the most part however if i check resolution it says 2560x1377 not 2560x1440 as it should. I only have 3 mods installed and running Bigger camera zoom out, blueprints, and gas overlay. it doesn't seem to change anything if i disable or enable the mods these are the only mods i have installed and have ever installed. It even happens in the launcher so i don't think its a mod issue as they shouldn't even have taken effect yet. 

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Try posting on the bug tracker forum.


There may be others who have this same issue, or have figured out a way to solve it.  Logs and other details will help track down what's going on as well, so follow the posting directions.

There's not enough information in your current post for me to offer any solutions.  It would be useful to know your operating system, if your video drivers are up to date, and if there's anything showing up in the logs.  I doubt this is a mod issue, and I also doubt this is an ONI issue, but its definitely something to try and solve.

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