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Gyster sensors - seems more fitting now then ever.

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meepmoop    230

Gyster sensors was an idea which was brought up since forever now. It was brought over, and over, and over again.  as @Sasza22 puts it - a boomerang feedback. 

The devs did great work in the last patch, but as its focus was "automation" its strange that this idea was dropped completely.

Features related to this I can think of:

1. low/high threshold in relation to the current state of the gyster/vent/volcano in its activity cycle.

This way the player can choose in which part of the activity cycle he want a signal to be sent. A use for this kind of signal could be in managing reserve tanks and prioritize of energy/water use in a colony.

2. a second thing I think could be good addition is improving the gyster analyzing info into something with more clear visual indication, something like what is done in the ONI-Assistant site. I would prefer using as little third-party tools as I can. And I also think that visual indication could align nicely with what broght in point (1) and the low/high slide.


Man the next update is all about automation. This was a perfect fit for that. And at this point (of testing and doing the final preparations) its just too late to add such big changes. Im a bit frustrated since there would probably be no chance to bring something like that to the game. And thats a shame because I heard this idea being thrown all the time and I really liked it.

But yea I am aware of how much work it takes. Probably wont be possible at this stage.

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