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World gen and trying to get the perfect world

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In their 2020 roadmap post the devs asked us to keep suggesting features to the overall game play of the game, so I figured I'd suggest some changes I'd like to see to the world gen. This is also my first post, so sorry if it's messy or anything.

I'm pretty picky about the world I'll be playing on anytime I start a new world. There are some specific things I look for in a world which include good wormhole spawns, the starting resources(grass/geckos, twigs/twiggy trees etc.) and some certain set pieces. I'll often restart the world over and over trying to get these specific things and it can often be tedious. I think to prevent picky players like me from doing this would be to fix some certain things about world gen or add more options to the custom world settings.

The first issue I'll go over is wormholes. I like the wormholes to be placed pretty evenly throughout the world as it makes getting around much easier and less time consuming. It's also much better when the wormholes lead far away from each other, rather than just a screen or two away. I have a little understanding of how wormhole spawns work. I've noticed that wormholes always spawn in the same biomes/set pieces. For example there's usually one in the swamp, one past a bee biome, one in the mosaic, in the deserts and in the pig king forest and so on. I don't think this needs to change, as most of these locations are in important spots the player will visit often. The main change I'd like to see is a minimum distance for which wormholes connect to each other. For example if a desert is connected to the pig king forest, wormholes in these biomes probably shouldn't connect. I feel like just changing the minimum distance for which ones connect could be an easy way to fix the short distances wormholes often cover without having to completely change their generation mechanics, as they could keep the same locations for where they spawn.

Next for the world settings, I think more options are needed in some areas, mainly the resource variants and set pieces. I find it strange that there is not a way to choose specifically which resource variety you'd like for your world. The only option we have that guarantees a certain set of resources is the classic option with berries, grass tufts and saplings. This means if you want a specific set of these, you'll most likely have to regen your world several times. There's even less customization for set pieces, as the only option is for the boons/skeletons you find with dropped items. This can be annoying if you want a reed trap, triple MacTusk camp or any other good set piece. I know there's mods that add these, but they can't be used by console players and the mods are not updated at the same time as game updates, so if world gen is changed during updates these mods need to be updated and may cause world gen that isn't the same as what's intended in the update. Currently I do use mods for set pieces, but I think it would be much nicer and convenient if they were included in the game as options.

So overall I think some small adjustments to wormholes and some more world gen options would make the game much more enjoyable and prevent players like me from regenerating worlds over and over.

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i like to explore and adapt to the world i have reach. If we always get a perfect world with 4 mctusk, beequeen and both desserts near of a pigking in the middle of the map the game gets easier and eventually boring.

I also want that biomes were more random, its easy to find mctusk if you know that moon statues are in the same biome, or a little herd of beefalos in a dark forest, etc

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