Can't activate virtual stick

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tonydzc    0

I have an issue in Android, there is no way to activate the virtual stick to play using the touching screen.

Even if i use a gaming controller to activate this feacture, the change is not applied.(Because  there is no button to apply changes in the touch screen)

Someone with the same issue?

Ways to fix it?

Android device - Samsung Galaxy A20s
Device model number - SM-A207M/DS
Android OS version number - Android 9
Device manufacturer - Samsung

Don't Starve Pocket edition 15.1

Screenshot_20200224-160012_Dont Starve.jpg

Screenshot_20200224-160019_Dont Starve.jpg

Screenshot_20200224-160210_Dont Starve.jpg

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NotenKi    7

You cannot use many of the buttons. In game or before you start the game I have the same problem as this user.

And if you try to play you just die when night comes  as the buttons you've added won't select the action menus

Phone Andriod

Mei 354231110976407

Manufacturer Samsung.. if i try to add pics i can't submit my reply

Carrier T-Mobile 

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new info to bad it got lost.

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