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looking for someone who can code, i wanna provide the art and maaaany ideas for cute/cool mods

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Is there any 'still alive'' threads in this forum for people trying to form partnerships to create mods?
or You, beautifull person reading this, is one or knows of someone who wanna create cute mods but is looking for someone to draw it or help to find some cool stuff to add into a mod?
i've tried to search for it in the topics around here but aside from the 'unnatural selection' one which i think they're not looking for anyone anymore since i think it's something more specific and there's already manyy artists in there, i couldn't find any more topics about this or about people looking for something in specific, the most recent one the guy who was looking for artists hasn't logged here since 2018 °n°

the thing is, i have sooooo many mod ideas and even tried to edit/duplicate some existing mods and replaced stuff in it with custom images, decor items, new floors, even pets, but when it comes to ''making it into a real standalone mod i Always run into errors because i don't know how to code this game, but i have edited the visuals of many mods and 'vanilla' stuff and they work well and look really cute and i wanted to share as real mods but can't 'cus i just can't code things right so they only work as long as i don't touch the code just the images xD AHAHAHA or else it goes POOFF and breaks haaahhahha

so if someone wanna have fun creating cute items for dst and knows how to code and/or at least clone some vanilla stuff  [xD For real i can't even get this part right] so i can add the new custom images in it [convert .tex images,edit and replace with the new images part i can do just right, just making these stuff standalone mods which peoplecan subscribe to this part always goes wrong for me and crashes my game xD]

just let me know here or if there's already a thread to look for people like this if you can guide me to the right direction is also appreciated
thanks anyway <3 love u all

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Hallo there. What kind of cute items are you talking about? I am a coder and I am currently working on a mod that will be adding custom biome, new materials and probably new mobs, it's about radioactivity, plutonuim and such, also featuring electricity and some other things, too much to write right now.

We are open to work with artists. PM me if you would like to discuss this.

You can check my other mods here:


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