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Character Transformation from eating certain food

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Hello! So I wanted to make my own character (his all done for now if it goes to working and naming and now I'm working on textures) So I wanted to make him change into a monster when he eats nightmare fuel, what can I do to achieve my goal? Thanks for any tips!

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Hi. Here's how to transform after eating.

Paste this above master_postinit

local function pastalavista(inst, food)	
	if inst.components.eater and food.prefab == "dragonfruit" then
		if not inst.transformed then	
	inst.transformed = not inst.transformed	
	return true

and of course change this:



into adequate name of your character without square brackets.

Inside master_postinit


This perk will give you ability of transformation into merm after consuming dragonfruit. You can change it according to your preferences.

You need to know that most of in-game monsters will miss some animations, for example merm can attack but when you try to gather some grass your character will disappear for a moment and come back when action is completed.

I have used dragonfruit as a food because nightmare fuel is not a food. You can use this thread as a help with turning nightmare fuel into edible stuff. It might require some adjustments with the code I have sent.

I know my English is chaotic and overall bad, so if you need me to explain something again or deeper, just let me know in comment.
Have fun with modding!

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