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Mod building/deconstruct request checkered pattern

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Dear modding community,

Let me just say I don't have any idea how to mod or if it would be possitble so hereby a request.

Would it be possible to create a mod that let's you build for example a ladder or tile in a checkered pattern, like ladder/empty/ladder/empty etc. This would be really helpfull when building acces areas to a place where you want access but not cancel the build order in a checkered pattern.

Maybe it could be an option when you select the ladder to build and like the priority settings select pattern or even e new "ladder building" which is 1 block high and 2 wide with one ladder and one empty space.

Let me know the thought or if this would already exist in the current mod files.

A fellow dupe manager

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So, if the ladder is only temporary, then you will want to deconstruct it at some point. Presumably it's higher/longer than 3 tiles (otherwise the task is negligible). The Chained Deconstruction mod is perfect for that. And having every other tile empty would completely defeat that functionality, as well as slow down any dupes using the ladders considerably.

Maybe just try that mentioned mod...

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