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A lifeline deploy-able for boats

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When sailing to mine for salt, to collect resources, or just interact with the environment in general, it can be tricky and annoying to maneuver around rocks and other salt pillars to get the items you need without damaging your boat, or being blocked off entirely from things the boat cannot access. My suggestion would be to add a craftable lifeline that you wear on the body slot of your character (much like a rubber ducky floaty, or a lifesaver) connected by rope to a wooden stump on top of the ship. 

The purpose of this lets the player physically move around to the area they need to, and allow them to do tasks that would otherwise be very difficult to do so by getting the boat as close as possible. The player would (for a very short distance) be able to float around by themselves (again, by extension of the boat, and following its path) to do chores or pickup resources that would otherwise be very difficult to do so. 

 Image result for lifesaver attached to rope

Kind of like this (except attached to the boat directly); allowing the player to get in those hard to reach areas, to do their work.

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I will vote yes for this idea only if they add hostile ocean mobs like Sharks, Electrical Jellyfish or something that come after you when floating in the Water. 

Probably with some new type of Water Craftable Weapon such as a Shark Poker or something.

Eitherway there should always be Some Risk Vs Reward.

And Hostile Mobs attracting towards you might be worth it.

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