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Item/Potion To Return To Base.

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I played Terraria for the first time a couple weeks ago. There's an item and a potion in Terraria that brings you back to base when used - that's all. Very simple, very effective, and very very convenient. I can't imagine playing without it. Anyway, coming back to DST it makes me realize how crazy it is that there's nothing comparative to it in this game. There is the telelocator, but it is wildly inefficient (takes way longer to set it up than the time it 'saves' using it) and doesn't work in caves. I've played thousands of hours and have never seen a telelocator base made in a public server, a testament to it's abysmal practicality and efficiency. There's the lazy deserter which is honestly great... only if you have teammates after summer mind you. A lot of players enjoy playing solo, and a fairly easily accessable "recall potion" equivalent would be amazing and a giant time saver. Even with walking cane and magi, it takes several minutes just to get back to somewhere just because you forgot to grab a certain item or whatever, happens all the time.

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