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Jittery movement/animations

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I just managed to set up a dedicated server which is running from my own computer.

He has an i5 3750K as a CPU, 8 GB RAM and is running on a SSD with windows 10 (64 bit), my internet speed is about 60 mbits.

I've opened the ports 10889, 10999 and 11000 in both my firewall and router.

Everything is running super smooth, the world and the cave generate and load fast.

The ping is 0-10 on the surface and 10-20 in the cave.

My FPS are 60.

The tick rate is set to 60 on both my client and dedicated server.

My problem is now that the movement/animations like the wobbling while walking are SUPER jittery while everything else is as it should be, no lag, no rubber banding.

On other dedicated servers both official and unofficial everything is smooth.

Does someone maybe know what could cause this problem?



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