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Potions that make you big and small

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what about a potion that makes you small, maybe you could ride on carrats or beas, or something like that. It could be available in the magic tab, I have no idea how it could be crafted at the moment.

The second potion could make you big (at the size of the bosses like Bearger etc) for 10 secs, you could destroy the environment and be stronger for a short time. It could be dropped by bosses. 

Let me know your opinion!

See you ingame!


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mega mushroom ile ilgili görsel sonucuHmm, que in Mega Mushroom and Mini mushroom, I can already hear the Mega Mushroom's tune in mini mushroom ile ilgili görsel sonucuthe back of my head.



That said, the suggestion seems a bit too extreme for Klei to implement.

The growth effect is unlikely, mostly because it sounds as destructive as the old bell and wouldn't be added for the same reasons it wasn't ported from DS to DST.

As for shrinking, limitations come in. First off, how would the shrinking affect the player's viewpoint? One option is to zoom the camera intensely, effectively making everything in the environment grow, your character would be roughly the same size on your screen but you'd see everything else as giants; this would be awesome yet very hard to implement, as they'd have to make new models and close up looks for all the models in the game. 

The other option is to shrink your character to appear as a dot. This is easier yet again poses quite many challenges as entire new interactions would be have to be constructed; what's your hitbox going to be like, your speed, your tools... or will your interactions and inventory will only be limited to moleworm-carrat interactions...








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