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How to enable a custom character to read books?

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Hello all im a novice, at best, at coding, and ive been trying to make a custom character for a good year now thats modeled after an oc of mine, the character is a very smart scientist and also is very skilled in the medical field, therefore ive been trying to code her to be able to read and make wickerbottoms books, i was wondering if someone could help me out here as nothing ive looked up and found has proved very useful to a novice like me :(

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19 hours ago, Yakuzashi said:

I believe this should help.



in your character's lua file (mod->scripts->prefabs)

Would that be in mod_none or just mod? I tried it in the one without _none and after updating the mod on the workshop i still find it crashes the server before i can get in, its the only mod i have enabled in the server i try it in

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