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Dedicated Server refuses to add new mods.

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So for the past two hours, I have been trying to get the dedicated server to add more mods.


However whenever I'd load it up, only two mods (That I've had years ago when I hosted more frequently) appeared, in this case Global position, but any attempts to add in any other mods results in them being completly ignored, for example adding the rebundling mod to the list just makes it ignored like it never existed.


Master, Caves and the dedicated server folder have the required modifications to them (E.g: English language, 99, etc)

dedicated_server_mods_setup have all of the ones I need AND Mod settings have the same mods set up to force it.

I've even double checked any tutorials and followed them through fully and nothing has changed; I have even made a solo world (Cluster2) and moved it's modoverrides into my dedicated server, nothing changed.


Am I possibly missing something that forces the thing to check and update mods or something?

Either way I've included the entire thing:

Mods I'm using predownloaded in the server's mod section with all the set up.

The world (Functional, just no mods work aside from two) and the mod overrides, settings, etc.


At this point I'm raising the white flag because it doesn't want me to have a server with mods and yet I want to play with people with certain mods.

Any form of help would be nice.


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So, just to be clear, your mod folder is located \Steam\steamapps\common\Don't Starve Together Dedicated Server\mods\ like this? Because out of all you said, i can't see why you have only two mods working...

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