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Skin Collection Mark Medallions

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It would be amazing if all the existing collections would have a little mark showing in a circle (e.g. Forge collections have a little anvil, Victorian collection has the Gnaw, Hallowed Nights has a pumpkin etc.).


Rose Collection - should have a tiny rose

Guest of Honour (Formal) Collection - should have a tiny bow

Year of The Pig King - should have a tiny pig matching the YOT Varg image.png.5b5119fbeb21603e31b4ca37018d7eee.png

Lunar Collection (which should be renamed Year of The Gobbler) - should match the above YOT collections with a Gobbler

Triumphant/Shadow Collection - a little shadow creature mark

Survivor Collection - a cute campfire

Costume Collection - a bat

Heart Collection - a heart


...and so forth (YOT Carrat?).


And then each of the character specific unique collections which will never get other skins for the other characters (e.g. Next of Kin, Forlorn Doll, Canadiana, Trawler, Abyssal etc. + all others to come with the reworks) should have the character's little outline in a circle such as this one for Wilson but of course specific. image.png.d7fcf04364d63f4c0f9be4a21c76e717.png


It would make our inventories much more OCD friendly. :)


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