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Please add Warly, Weregoose, and Weremoose textures in anim which isn’t dyn encrypted

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Hello Klei staff!

I’m praying you see this and can make Warly, Weregoose, and Weremoose textures available in anim and not nust encrypted dyn files. To my understanding all this content is free, right? Warly’s useable by everyone and the werecreatures I’m sure aren’t paid dlc for Woodie?

I would really love if Warly textures can be extracted like the other free characters wilson, winona, and co. then I can get perfect reference from his latest design as the SW art in comparsion is no good. It’s also a shame to lock the weregoose and weremoose behind dyns which means it’s impossible for modders to use them to make some cool new creatures and the like... I hope you consider adding these textures as not only dyns, it would mean so much to me and I’m sure many others.

Thank you ❤️!!

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