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struggling to make a custom hat work for a friend

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sorry to bother I'm new to forums and modding in general 

I made a character for a friend using dragon wolf Leo and Dana's templates. I was able to follow the instructions for both very well and I finished the hat and referred to its prefab as "anime" in code, its icon appears in the inventory and is equipable in the hat section as intended but it does not show on the character itself or on the ground 

thank you in advance


quick note I've never made a mod for any game before and this is my first ever "project" I've done honestly I think I did pretty good for my first try :D


edit: forgot to mention I tried looking through previous threads but I couldn't find any with a similar problem :(


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forgot to mention something
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Howdy. I have exported the anime.zip from anim folder and it looked quite strange (screenshot in the attachment). Instead of original hat I placed walrus hat as a comparison (inside of exported -> anime), so you need to change images and it will be fine. Moreover I have made some minor changes inside modmain, anime.lua, anim folder and exported folder. If you need more help just let me know, and please use DM because topic follow system fails me sometimes. Cheers!

hat wut.png


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