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Howdy folks, 

as an admin and moderator on one server, I recently faced people who used curse words in every sentence. I was looking for a mod that would filter vulgar language for everybody on server. However, I couldn't find anything that would provide such a thing. So I made a simple script that removes vulgar language. I hope it will be useful for somebody!

Available on Steam workshop.

Below is the list of regular expressions which are replaced with !@#&$. I put there some English, Russian and Polish swear words. Also, I added far right/left propaganda words. Maybe some script parameters would be graceful in the future



-- List of regular expressions 
                    "mother ?****",
                    "**** ?off",
                    "**** ?you",
                    "**** u",
                    "dic[ck] ?head",
                    -- No propaganda
                    -- Russian
                    -- Slavic


I didn't expect that Klei forum will have its own filter, but they didn't implement that in the game. Seriously, what the hack? :)

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