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Vent Cluster suggestions appreciated

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So I just started venturing from the starting biome and found a cluster of vents.

Ideally I don't want to utilise each vent in isolation and would rather have them working in one larger system, which is why I am seeking inspiration. I haven't fully uncovered the vents so they are not analysed.

  • There are two cool steam vents one to the north and the other to the south.
  • A steam vent to the west
  • A volcano to the south west
  • An oil reservoir to the east
  • An infectious oxygen vent just off centre.

I am of course at the start of the game cycle 28, so I don't have any major sustainable structures in place currently so all resource outputs are desirable. Due to the oil reservoir and the amount of heat likely in this system petroleum would likely be an output along with water and oxygen. There is also a chlorine vent further west if that can also be incorporated - Although I am doubtful it would be utilised but maybe someone has an idea. 

Recommendations are appreciated as to how you would use all these vents in one larger system. Although it is understandable if the volcano is treated in isolation.


Seed is: Lush-1377253491

Vent Cluster.png

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Same suggestions and meepmoop.

Steam vent i think outputs at 500c so you can directly put a turbine over it (with a small amount of water feedback for increased efficiency) to generate both power and water. 

Cool down both cool steam vents to get water. Use that water to feed an oil well over the oil reservoir. Build a magma storage chamber around the volcano. Pump (or drip, if you're crafty enough) the oil over to the volcano and drip magma into a petroleum cooker (or even a sour gas boiler if you're really crafty). Generate more water through that (as well as power) by running them through the appropriate generators and sending the polluted water through a water sieve.

You're now generating a decent amount of power and water. 

Save the infectious oxygen vent until you can access space. When you do, build a chamber around it along with a mesh tile floor above it (in the chamber) and put deodorizers on the mesh floor. The polluted oxygen that comes out will be cleaned by the deodorizers. Pump the cleaned oxygen out and dump it into space (or liquefy it into your space program). The oxygen still has germs in it and since it's intermittent, it's not really worth trying to clean it for your dupes as by then you would have already had extremely reliable and robust systems for making oxygen.

Anyway, the deodorizers will generate clay from regolith as they process the polluted oxygen. The clay can be used in a kiln to make ceramic. If you're extra crafty you can conveyor the clay over to the magma and heat it up to turn the clay into ceramic directly. 

A long term project to be sure, but fun.

I say start with the steam vent.




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