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The Night before Christmas (Warly´s edition)

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In an other Time

In an other World

A  Cooker, or Warly better be know

Was living his live and tried to survive.


He needed some wood,

To for following night

So he went to a forest

With lots of Spiders around.


The trip should be fast

So he left his  Crook pot in doors

But that was too wrong

Lough full probably though.


Cause that night was the night

Of Constan´s terrible Beast

The Dear clops was coming, 

Warly needed to destroy the Monster at least.


Utilizing the Spiders

Cyclops was dead

And Warlly realized that he was hungry as hell

He needed some food, but row he denied


So ruining as fast as the Characters can

Warly had almost

just barely

not died.....


But, the story´s not finish,

There was the ancient Roll Back

Returning Warly into the past


Facing the monster another 10 times

The Christmas Wander happend at least

A riving at camp and with 20 Hp

He ate a stew 

from meat of the Beast


So happy to live,

I disconnected that time,

This story should should tell i

To others out there


The moral is simple

As says the name of the Game,

You should never forget

To eat and DON´T STARVE!

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