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Boss in Lunar Island ( new idea )

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new boss on lunar island

Lunar Giant

HP 12,000
Damage 80 (Player) 150 (Mob)
Can regenerate HP for 2 hp / second
Can call 1-4 Horror Hound

Hp below 8000
Damage 100/200
Can regenerate HP for 3hp / second
Can call 3-5 Horror Hound
Can use (spikes out of the ground)

Hp below 4000
Damage 120/240
Can regeneraten HP for 6hp / sec
can call 5-6 horror hound
Can use (spikes out of the ground)

Unique attacks (spikes out of the ground)
can raise thorns from the ground like a spider on lunar island
damage 50/100

Aura Bonus Sanity
+ 100 / Minute (so that the pelayer is attacked by ghosts in lunar island)

6 Meats
6 - 10 Moon Shard
1-2 Moon Scale
1 Red Gem (20%)
1 Blue Gem (40%)
1 Purple Gem (20%)
1 Green Gem (20%)

2 New Items :
- Horror Staff (10x usage + - 10 sanity / use)
summon 3 horror hound who fought with us
how to make: 1 Moon scale + 3 Moon shard + 1 Spear

- Moon Scale armor
reduce damage by 85% + Hp 600 + 1 hp / 3 Second
How to make: 1 moon scale + 3 moon shard

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The boss of Lunar Island should be a gigantic Borderlands inspired Shattered Gestalt Spider Queen.

Don’t know what that is? Ideally it would be Spider Queen, Except when she lets loose her Shattered Crystal Attacks the Purple Crystals will be the size of Ice Glacier Rocks, These will burst to reveal normal sized Shattered Spider Minions. Her Back will be Replaced with a Gestalt Volcano Which will spawns Gestalts out of it.

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Loot is subpar in relation to the amount of "work" one has to do in this boss-concept take-down.


If said "Moon Scale" could be ingredient for some endothermic counterpart of Scaled Furnace (although in current form would be just a lazy concept/idea of an "opposite"), maybe. Even so the armor OP proposes needs to be around 1.5x-2x buffed to even matter in raiding said theoretical boss.

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