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Mighty Jetters' Music Mods

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Hello everyone! I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this given there's so many questions being posted (including by myself lmao), or if I'm even doing this correctly, but I wanted to post something that I made with the help of the very nice user Cagealicous; my first completed music mod! It was a looooot of stress, effort and trouble trying to figure it out with the outdated guides and whatnot (up until he made one), but here it is! Here is the list of changed music:

music_FE & music_FE_WF (Main Menu Theme & Winter's Feast Menu Theme): File Select/Pop Star Select/Rock Star Select/Ripple Star Select
DST_theme_portaled (Character Select Theme): World Map
jukebox (Item Collection/Trade Inn/etc. Menus): Enemy Card Index/Mini Game Select
gramaphone_ragtime: The End ~ Staff (Part 2)
music_danger (Autumn Enemy Fight): Battle Among Friends - Adeline
music_danger_winter (Winter Enemy Fight): Room Guarder
music_danger_spring (Spring Enemy Fight): Battle Among Friends - Waddle Dee
music_danger_summer (Summer Enemy Fight): Noisy Race
music_danger_cave (Cave Enemy Fight): Taking Battle
music_danger_ruins (Ruins Enemy Fight): Falling Fight
music_epicfight (Autumn Boss Fight): Boss
music_epicfight_winter (Winter Boss Fight): Boss
music_epicfight_spring (Spring Boss Fight): Boss
music_epicfight_summer (Summer Boss Fight): Boss
music_epicfight_cave (Cave Boss Fight): Battle Among Friends - King Dedede
music_epicfight_ruins (Ruins Boss Fight): Miracle Matter
music_epicfight_stalker (Reanimated Skeleton Boss Fight): Dark Star
music_epicfight_stalker_b (Ancient Fuelweaver Boss Fight): Zero-Two
music_hoedown: Invincible Lollipop
music_hoedown_goose: Invincible Lollipop
music_hoedown_moose : Invincible Lollipop
music_work (Autumn Working): Pop Star
music_work_dusk (Autumn Dusk Working): Training
music_work_night (Autumn Night Working): Quiet Forest
music_work_winter (Winter Working): Shiver Star
music_work_winter_dusk (Winter Dusk Working): Above the Clouds
music_work_winter_night (Winter Night Working): Shiver Star Select
music_work_spring (Spring Working): Aqua Star
music_work_spring_dusk (Spring Dusk Working): Mountain Stream
music_work_spring_night (Spring Night Working): Aqua Star Select
music_work_summer (Summer Working): Rock Star
music_work_summer_dusk (Summer Dusk Working): Neo Star
music_work_summer_night (Summer Night Working): Neo Star Select
music_work_cave (Cave Working): Friends 3
music_work_ruins (Ruins Working) Factory Inspection

And here's a link to the actual mod!


I hope you enjoy this mod! I put a lot of work and love into it!

Edited by Mighty Jetters
Added the fact that I also changed Winter's Feast's menu music.
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Two new mods! Since I don't like multi-posting in quick succession, I'll just put both completed mods into one post here.

Delta Rune Chapter 1

I know there's already 2 others, but I wanted to do my own, more complete version with better sound quality. Changed music is as follows:

music_FE (Main Menu Theme): Before the Story
DST_theme_portaled (Character Select Theme): ANOTHER HIM
jukebox (Item Collection Menu): THE HOLY/Gallery/The Beginning
gramaphone_ragtime (Credits Theme): Don't Forget
music_work (Autumn Working): Scarlet Forest
music_work_dusk (Autumn Dusk Working): Lantern
music_work_night (Autumn Night Working): Quiet Autumn
music_work_winter (Winter Working): A Town Called Hometown
music_work_winter_dusk (Winter Dusk Working): Darkness Falls
music_work_winter_night (Winter Night Working): The Door
music_work_spring (Spring Working): Field of Hopes and Dreams
music_work_spring_dusk (Spring Dusk Working): Empty Town
music_work_spring_night (Spring Night Working): Weird Birds
music_work_summer (Summer Working): School
music_work_summer_dusk (Summer Dusk Working): The Legend
music_work_summer_night (Summer Night Working): Hip Shop
music_work_cave (Cave Working): Basement
music_work_ruins (Ruins Working) Card Castle
music_danger (Autumn Enemy Fight): Rude Buster
music_danger_winter (Winter Enemy Fight): Lancer
music_danger_spring (Spring Enemy Fight): The Circus
music_danger_summer (Summer Enemy Fight): Susie
music_danger_cave (Cave Enemy Fight): Rouxls Kaard
music_danger_ruins (Ruins Enemy Fight): Imminent Death
music_epicfight (Autumn Boss Fight): The Chase
music_epicfight_winter (Winter Boss Fight): Vs. Lancer
music_epicfight_spring (Spring Boss Fight): Checker Dance
music_epicfight_summer (Summer Boss Fight): Vs. Susie
music_epicfight_cave (Cave Boss Fight): THE WORLD REVOLVING
music_epicfight_ruins (Ruins Boss Fight): Chaos King
music_epicfight_stalker (Reanimated Skeleton Boss Fight): THE WORLD REVOLVING
music_epicfight_stalker_b (Ancient Fuelweaver Boss Fight): Chaos King
music_dawn_stinger (Night-to-Day Transition Jingle): snd_closet_fall (Kris & Susie Falling into the Closet Sound)
music_dusk_stinger (Day-to-Dusk Transition Jingle): snd_closet_impact (Inside the Closet Impact Sound)
music_hoedown (Woodie's Werebeaver Form): April 2012
music_hoedown_goose (Woodie's Goose Form): April 2012
music_hoedown_moose (Woodie's Moose Form): April 2012


Super Smash Bros. Melee

Boy oh boy this one. I busted my rear and stressed myself and spent more time than a normal human being ever would have troubleshooting why this wouldn't work, from the FMOD Designer stages to even just uploading it. But thanks to the wonderful Cagealicous and Ultroman, as well as my insanity-inducing determination, I finally was able to complete and get it up! I'm actually proud of myself for once!!! MUSIC LIST:

music_FE (Main Menu Theme): Menu 1/Menu 2
DST_theme_portaled (Character Select Theme): Tournament 1/Tournament 2
jukebox (Various Menus?): Mushroom Kingdom/Mushroom Kingdom II
gramaphone_ragtime (Credits Theme): All-Star Rest Area
music_work (Autumn Working): Mother
music_work_dusk (Autumn Dusk Working): Dr. Mario
music_work_night (Autumn Night Working): Saria's Song
music_work_winter (Winter Working): Icicle Mountain
music_work_winter_dusk (Winter Dusk Working): Great Bay
music_work_winter_night (Winter Night Working): Mother 2
music_work_spring (Spring Working): Green Greens
music_work_spring_dusk (Spring Dusk Working): Earthbound
music_work_spring_night (Spring Night Working): Yoshi's Story
music_work_summer (Summer Working): Princess Peach's Castle
music_work_summer_dusk (Summer Dusk Working): Brinstar
music_work_summer_night (Summer Night Working): Jungle Japes
music_work_cave (Cave Working): Hyrule Temple
music_work_ruins (Ruins Working) Final Destination
music_danger (Autumn Enemy Fight): Corneria
music_danger_winter (Winter Enemy Fight): Big Blue
music_danger_spring (Spring Enemy Fight): Break the Targets
music_danger_summer (Summer Enemy Fight): Fire Emblem
music_danger_cave (Cave Enemy Fight): Warning Siren
music_danger_ruins (Ruins Enemy Fight): Multi-Man Melee 1
music_epicfight (Autumn Boss Fight): Pokémon Battle! (Gold/Silver)
music_epicfight_winter (Winter Boss Fight): Poké Floats
music_epicfight_spring (Spring Boss Fight): Fountain of Dreams
music_epicfight_summer (Summer Boss Fight): Mute City
music_epicfight_cave (Cave Boss Fight): Metal Battle
music_epicfight_ruins (Ruins Boss Fight): Multi-Man Melee 2
music_epicfight_stalker (Reanimated Skeleton Boss Fight): Multi-Man Melee 1
music_epicfight_stalker_b (Ancient Fuelweaver Boss Fight): Giga Bowser
music_dawn_stinger (Night-to-Day Transition Jingle): New Feature 1
music_dusk_stinger (Day-to-Dusk Transition Jingle): New Trophy
music_hoedown (Woodie's Werebeaver Form): Balloon Fight
music_hoedown_goose (Woodie's Goose Form): Yoshi's Island
music_hoedown_moose (Woodie's Moose Form): Kongo Jungle


So I hope you enjoy my hard work! It wouldn't have been so hard if this hadn't been my first time. It was so worth it though! And expect more mods coming! As always, let me know if you find any problems!

Edited by Mighty Jetters
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Kirby Air Ride

music_FE (Main Menu Theme): Menu
music_FE_WF (Winter's Feast Main Menu Theme): Menu
DST_theme_portaled (Character Select Theme): Play Methods/Properties Graph
jukebox (Item Collection Menus): Air Glider/Target Flight/Dense Fog Today/Float Islands
gramaphone_ragtime (Credits Theme): Air Ride Ending/Main Ending
music_work (Autumn Working): Fantasy Meadows
music_work_dusk (Autumn Dusk Working): Celestial Valley
music_work_night (Autumn Night Working): Forest Stage
music_work_winter (Winter Working): Frozen Hillside
music_work_winter_dusk (Winter Dusk Working): The Beginner's Room
music_work_winter_night (Winter Night Working): Rainbow Resort
music_work_spring (Spring Working): Green Greens
music_work_spring_dusk (Spring Dusk Working): Beanstalk Park
music_work_spring_night (Spring Night Working): Grass
music_work_summer (Summer Working): Sky Sands
music_work_summer_dusk (Summer Dusk Working): Magma Flows
music_work_summer_night (Summer Night Working): Sand
music_work_cave (Cave Working): Nebula Belt
music_work_ruins (Ruins Working) Machine Passage
music_danger (Autumn Enemy Fight): Tac Challenge
music_danger_winter (Winter Enemy Fight): Mid Boss Room
music_danger_spring (Spring Enemy Fight): Kirby Melee
music_danger_summer (Summer Enemy Fight): Flying Meteor
music_danger_cave (Cave Enemy Fight): Not Much Time Left
music_danger_ruins (Ruins Enemy Fight): Light
music_epicfight (Autumn Boss Fight): Dream Land
music_epicfight_winter (Winter Boss Fight): Drag Race
music_epicfight_spring (Spring Boss Fight): VS. King Dedede
music_epicfight_summer (Summer Boss Fight): Station Fire
music_epicfight_cave (Cave Boss Fight): Huge Pillar
music_epicfight_ruins (Ruins Boss Fight): Revenge of Meta Knight 1
music_epicfight_stalker (Reanimated Skeleton Boss Fight): Revenge of Meta Knight 2
music_epicfight_stalker_b (Ancient Fuelweaver Boss Fight): Legendary Air Ride Machine
music_dawn_stinger (Night-to-Day Transition Jingle): Title
music_dusk_stinger (Day-to-Dusk Transition Jingle): Retire
music_hoedown (Woodie's Werebeaver Form): Item Bounce
music_hoedown_goose (Woodie's Goose Form): Rowdy Charge Tank
music_hoedown_moose (Woodie's Moose Form): Fire


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Mega Man / Rockman: Complete Works

music_FE (Main Menu Theme): Title Theme (3/4/5/6)
music_FE_WF (Winter's Feast Main Menu Theme): Title Theme (3/4/5/6)
DST_theme_portaled (Character Select Theme): Select Robot Master (4/5/6)
jukebox (Item Collection Menus): Password (4/5/6)
gramaphone_ragtime (Credits Theme): Ending & Credits Themes (4/5/6)
music_work (Autumn Working): Plant Man Stage
music_work_dusk (Autumn Dusk Working): Charge Man Stage
music_work_night (Autumn Night Working): Proto Man/Blues Stages
music_work_winter (Winter Working): Blizzard Man Stage
music_work_winter_dusk (Winter Dusk Working): Mr. X Stages
music_work_winter_night (Winter Night Working): Cossack Stages 2
music_work_spring (Spring Working): Toad Man Stage
music_work_spring_dusk (Spring Dusk Working): Wind Man Stage
music_work_spring_night (Spring Night Working): Centaur Man Stage
music_work_summer (Summer Working): Napalm Man Stage
music_work_summer_dusk (Summer Dusk Working): Tomahawk Man Stage
music_work_summer_night (Summer Night Working): Flame Man Stage
music_work_cave (Cave Working): Drill Man Stage
music_work_ruins (Ruins Working): Pharoah Man Stage
music_danger (Autumn Enemy Fight): Prologue Part 2 (4)
music_danger_winter (Winter Enemy Fight): Dust Man Stage
music_danger_spring (Spring Enemy Fight): Dive Man Stage
music_danger_summer (Summer Enemy Fight): Crystal Man Stage
music_danger_cave (Cave Enemy Fight): Ring Man Stage
music_danger_ruins (Ruins Enemy Fight): Knight Man Stage
music_epicfight (Autumn Boss Fight): Boss Battle (4)
music_epicfight_winter (Winter Boss Fight): Boss Battle (5)
music_epicfight_spring (Spring Boss Fight): Boss Battle (6)
music_epicfight_summer (Summer Boss Fight): Final Battle (4)
music_epicfight_cave (Cave Boss Fight): Wily Stages 1 (4)
music_epicfight_ruins (Ruins Boss Fight): Final Battle (5)
music_epicfight_stalker (Reanimated Skeleton Boss Fight): Skull Man Stage
music_epicfight_stalker_b (Ancient Fuelweaver Boss Fight): Final Battle (6)
music_dawn_stinger (Night-to-Day Transition Jingle): Victory (4)
music_dusk_stinger (Day-to-Dusk Transition Jingle): Capcom Presents (6)
music_hoedown (Woodie's Werebeaver Form): Yamato Man Stage
music_hoedown_goose (Woodie's Goose Form): Wave Man Stage
music_hoedown_moose (Woodie's Moose Form): Stone Man Stage


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Kirby's Dream Land 3:

music_FE (Main Menu Theme): Opening
music_FE_WF (Winter's Feast Main Menu Theme): Opening
DST_theme_portaled (Character Select Theme): File Select
jukebox (Item Collection Menus): Music Test
gramaphone_ragtime (Credits Theme): Staff Roll
music_work (Autumn Working): Grass Land 1
music_work_dusk (Autumn Dusk Working): Grass Land 2
music_work_night (Autumn Night Working): Grass Land 4
music_work_winter (Winter Working): Cloudy Park
music_work_winter_dusk (Winter Dusk Working): Sand Canyon 3
music_work_winter_night (Winter Night Working): Iceberg Map
music_work_spring (Spring Working): Ripple Field 1
music_work_spring_dusk (Spring Dusk Working): Ripple Field 2
music_work_spring_night (Spring Night Working): Ripple Field Map
music_work_summer (Summer Working): Sand Canyon 1
music_work_summer_dusk (Summer Dusk Working): Sand Canyon 2
music_work_summer_night (Summer Night Working): Sand Canyon Map
music_work_cave (Cave Working): Ripple Field 3
music_work_ruins (Ruins Working) Iceberg
music_danger (Autumn Enemy Fight): Miniboss Battle
music_danger_winter (Winter Enemy Fight): Invincible 2
music_danger_spring (Spring Enemy Fight): Miniboss Battle
music_danger_summer (Summer Enemy Fight): Invincible 2
music_danger_cave (Cave Enemy Fight): Hyper Zone 1
music_danger_ruins (Ruins Enemy Fight): Hyper Zone 1
music_epicfight (Autumn Boss Fight): Big Boss Battle
music_epicfight_winter (Winter Boss Fight): Big Boss Battle
music_epicfight_spring (Spring Boss Fight): Big Boss Battle
music_epicfight_summer (Summer Boss Fight): Big Boss Battle
music_epicfight_cave (Cave Boss Fight): King Dedede
music_epicfight_ruins (Ruins Boss Fight): King Dedede
music_epicfight_stalker (Reanimated Skeleton Boss Fight): King Dedede
music_epicfight_stalker_b (Ancient Fuelweaver Boss Fight): Hyper Zone 2
music_dawn_stinger (Night-to-Day Transition Jingle): Victory Dance
music_dusk_stinger (Day-to-Dusk Transition Jingle): Game Over
music_hoedown (Woodie's Werebeaver Form): Invincible 1
music_hoedown_goose (Woodie's Goose Form): Invincible 1
music_hoedown_moose (Woodie's Moose Form): Invincible 1


It's also been brought to my attention that the music for Woodie's transformations wasn't working, which was a thing shared among all my mods due to filenames in the modmain.lua not matching those within the game's files. I've since fixed and re-uploaded all my mods.

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