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Swap jellybean/health potion HP recovery to a progressive over time regen (similar to the current feast buff)

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When you eat a jellybean or drink the unique hollowed nights potion as of now, it progressively gives you HP over time. The problem is this comes in direct increments, and every single time it ticks you hear the HP recovery sound effect, which makes it really annoying if you are using them after a fight is over or just for simple healing.

A simple solution to this is simply swap the increments with progressive increments. This already occurs with the winters feast buff, restoring .5HP every second and not triggering the healing cue, and is indicated via the progressive arrow going upwards. Giving this to jellybeans and the potion would help make it far less of a hassle to constantly hear the sound effects.

In turn, I do believe the potions should give dialogue for when you apply the buff or for when you lose the buff, similar to most other buffs. That way, you reliably know when the effect ends, and can eat a new one afterwards.

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