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Hydrogen power

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An idea of using liquid pump in electrolizer->hydrogen power generation setup.

2 main factors effect the efficiency:

One is how much heat is lost from the system (as we only use cooled oxygen to cool the system, that makes pumped out hydrogen to 1 way of cold loss and electrolyzers, pumps generate their own heat while working, this is the second cold loss). Also we need to transfer cold form liquid oxygen to the system efficiently. So the more time liquid oxygen is in the system the more efficient it is.

Second efficiency of turning oxygen into liquid. Then a tile is cold enough it will create a vacuum which is very similar to the void tile in sandbox mode (a bit weaker about ~5-10%). Still i experimented with the void tile and how distance affect the the destruction of oxygen. And that makes the closer this void tiles are generated near electrolyzers the more efficient it is (this mostly effects height).

So this to efficiencies work against each other we want small system for turning oxygen quickly into liquid and we want it to be larger for better heat exchange (good luck optimizing that :D). Good way to optimize it is to decrease height but increasing width.

I been fiddling whit this design a couple of weeks. The reactor uses thermal regulators and hydrogen loops (4*33k colling power per 1 second) to cool the oxygen and steel is used for gas pipes and thermal regulators(which is unnecessary because thermal regulators could be cooled by input water). So the only steel you would use is for gas pipes.

It generates in total 1815kj per cycle while consuming 933.5kj(a bit more as water pump and sieve are outside it's power system) and generating 881.5kj of power (Generators are not tuned up and power generated per cycle fluctuates a bit). It powers 3.78 hydrogen generators, which means 3.37 electrolyzers are running that generates 1798kg of oxygen. Using oni calculator it says that too cool 1798kg oxygen from 70C to -183C i would need 761,947 DTU/s and 4 thermal regulators only have the power to cool 132,000 DTU/s the cooling does all the rest. Also this particular setups void efficiency(turning oxygen into liquid) is about at 4 electrolyzers.

Anyway here are the screen shots: Images

Reactor can be fiddle whit to increase it efficiency. This reactor loves cold. and because the top part stays at about 30-50C. You could use AETN or just some cold water to cool it increasing it's reactors cooling efficiency. If anyone interested i got exact numbers for void efficiency of different width setups at heights 10, 8, 7, 6. As i am a new player is hard for me to say if it is a good way to generate power, but at least if water is plentiful, or you have a lot of geyser you could use it to generate power, and semi hot oxygen.

Some Notes:
Bad: Takes a lot of space.
Bad: Uses to me a lot of resources to be build.
Bad: Took about 20-25 of constant cooling cycles to get it running (The first time liquid oxygen was pumped. Larger reactor would need even more time.)
Good: all its outputs are already in pipes.
Good: after building to dupe labor is not needed.
Good: Reactor can be modified (adding thermal plates, additional cooling sources not to the main loop). And it would take about 0-2 cycles to be working efficiently again.

P.S. Sorry for any grammar mistakes.

P.S.S. I got an idea how greatly increase both cooling, and void efficiencies but it would require a different setup. But i think that people which played this game more could do a better of job optimizing it then me.

P.S.S.S. Maybe we should name it. (Like cold void reactor.)

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For mass electrolyzers, ie 10, I use this setup and place the upper section (above the electolyzers) in space and the electrolyzers and lower section not in space, as mesh tiles can't be sealed from the vacuum.

I then prime it by supplying O2 to the top section and H to the lower section, so all O2 goes to the top and all H goes to the bottom.  I have doors above the O2 section and when the pressure is high enough, i just open the unpowered doors and vent O2 to space.

Using this setup, I can have a three gas pumps in the hydrogen area and none in the O2 section.  The only power consumption comes from the water pump, 10 electrolyzers and the 3 Hydrogen gas pumps.  If I do need O2, then I add a gas pump to the O2 area that activates at a slightly lower pressure than the doors open at.

I must use 3 gas pumps for the hydrogen as the total output from 10 electrolyzers is greater than 1kg/s, as the electrolyzers are active 100% of the time, of course, I can stagger the pressures that each pump activates at to optimize gas pump use.

A warning though, this setup is volatile to mix the gasses, the pumps and electrolyzers must all be activated/deactivated by pressure sensors, if any electrolyzer area has a large enough imbalance between the pressure of the O2 at the top & Hydrogen below, the gas auto sorting fails.  It generally happens when O2 or H2 goes above 20000kg one side and not the other.

Voila, pure hydrogen production without wasting power removing excess O2.


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