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Range on Console

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Gourmand    357

Wortox, water balloons, the lazy explorer, and possibly the fishing mechanics in the upcoming update (throwing the lure) are very limited range-wise. 

You can not aim where you want to teleport/throw an item. It's already preset to a couple of tiles. On console edition of Shipwrecked, I'm fairly certain we COULD aim the coconades, rowling and other throwables. It's been years since I've played so I do not remember the controls, but why can't we have a system like that on console DST? Maybe aiming could be toggled by the touchpad or one of the bumpers.

Sidenote: Wortox's teleport seems very delayed/inconsistent in terms of how long the animation plays to when you actually teleport.

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Kuro_kira    84

Best thing to be added would be hold (USE/SELECT, X for PS4) button to teleport/throw items and aim with the analog stick, that way our character will face towards the destination and the yellow circle can be moved around as far as the aim of said item goes, yes it might take a second or two to aim where you wanna go or throw but that's the best they could do with a controller.

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