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Activity streams per game?

L. Ringmaster

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I just found the activity streams feature.

It seems like a great feature, but there's currently no way to make a stream for all content for a specific game. Would it be possible for the forum administrators to make premade streams for each Klei game?

Alternatively would it be possible to make it so that all posts have a game (or forum) specific tag which is automatically applied to new posts? You are already able to make a stream based on tags. This would allow the creation of streams for an individual game, or a subset of games the user is interested in.

This would allow for the creation of streams for very specific content the user may be interested in.

@ImDaMisterL this forum doesn't seem terribly active. If this is seen as a potentially valuable and possible suggestion could you help me make sure it gets seen by the right person? I don't know who the right person to @ is.


If you guys wanted to get even fancier with activity streams:


Perhaps both forum and sub-forum tags could be automatically assigned?
For example any post made in the DST bug tracker could have two tags automatically applied: DST, and Bug Tracker

Although.... I realized these two tags would be nearly useless without adding logical operators for tags to activity stream creation. 
Right now adding multiple tags works as a logical OR. So making an activity stream to search for the tags DST, and Bug Tracker, would give you all posts in all DST forums, and all posts in the bug trackers for any game. Making logical tag searches would likely be a lot more work, but would be a lot more powerful!


My 100th post! I'm officially no longer a junior member! Despite being here for 7 years....

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