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Everyone's like "look at my cool setup!", how about some of us noobs share our not-so-amazing ideas? :D

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I have never played ONI long enough to try and set up a space area (low free time and then sudden updates). This time I made it there. And it was a disaster.

I am not entirely green, but I like to play it slow and optimize the bases so I was never in a rush. But I knew enough to get a steel reinforcement going up there (I remember when getting that going was a race against time or half the map would be evaporated :D).

But first I noticed that sun panels say they need space exposure but nothing about, you know, the sun. So since it's a game I thought, hey could this be cheesed? :D I was going for super-sustainable so the panels looked quite juicy. How about I just shove them under the Gravitas facility? Well, game too smart. Got it. They need sun exposure after all, so I figured I need those steel doors. All right.

A bit later (a long bit, I got distracted with a billion disasters elsewhere) I got my steel doors going, slapped on a scanner, my pretty solar panels, some batteries. Great. Doors open, panels activate and look awesome, batteries start to overheat cause there's the bloody regolith everywhere. So I'm setting sweeping errands on 9 with some boxes to the side. Then I'm like WAIT IT'S ALL A VACUUM! QUICK, MOVE THE BATTERIES! I build a battery hub underneath the panels and scanners that's all save from the regolith. Cool. Solar panels are doing better, but still sweeping it just to make sure they don't get overheated.

Then scanners pick up meteors, automation grid fires up, doors close, it's a thing of beauty. Meteors fall, I get an achievement, lovely.

Then the shower ends. Doors open. Fresh regolith falls on my solar panels. It's too much, they overheat and break near instantly. The dupes haven't managed to sweep everything before so there's just more scorching crap everywhere. I order a fast dig and sweeping but it's a lost cause. The meteors come again. Broken panels=no energy=no scanners=no doors=no surface base.

Just regolith and destruction.

RIP attempt #1.

Please don't give me any tips though! :D I'll figure it out for myself, that's the fun of it all. Just wanted to share.


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