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Frashaw27    494

1) When Im booting up the server, the server ports are the same but they won't change in the start up when I do change them. How do I fix this?

2) What should I look for to see when my dedicated server is done being set up?

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Daniel86268    370

1) Check if you configured them in the correct config files.

2.1) Done being set up: Nothing much, just your config files I guess.

2.2) Done booting up: It should list the available sinkholes, followed by a "Sim Paused". Something like this:

[00:00:17]: Validating portal[2] <-> <nil>[2] (inactive)
[00:00:17]: Validating portal[3] <-> <nil>[3] (inactive)
[00:00:17]: Validating portal[6] <-> <nil>[6] (inactive)
[00:00:17]: Validating portal[8] <-> <nil>[8] (inactive)
[00:00:17]: Validating portal[9] <-> <nil>[9] (inactive)
[00:00:18]: Validating portal[10] <-> <nil>[10] (inactive)
[00:00:18]: Validating portal[4] <-> <nil>[4] (inactive)
[00:00:18]: Validating portal[7] <-> <nil>[7] (inactive)
[00:00:18]: Validating portal[5] <-> <nil>[5] (inactive)
[00:00:18]: Validating portal[1] <-> <nil>[1] (inactive)
[00:00:18]: Sim paused


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