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Beefalo scml files help

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So I'm trying to basically make a reskinned beefalo and I want to change all the animations. I've successfully extracted all of the beefalo files from the beefalo_actions, beefalo_basic, and beefalo_build zips and have also changed the art on each of the beefalos, unfortunately the beefalo actions are in different scml file. for example the all the beefalo walking and idle animations are in the beefalo_basic scml while the running animations are in beefalo_actions. And my art looks kinda weird with the current beefalo animations so i want to go in and change each animations but each folder contains a scml file called beefalo_build which is only referenced in the code to change the image.

right now i have replaced beefalo_build in the code with my own custom_build and that has changed the beefalo art to my own art but it has kept part of the beefalo animations since i have to choose whether to change the running or walking animations, but i need to change both to make my character look good

Basically, I think I need a way to make an scml file with all the beefalo actions but I don't really own spriter pro to combine them easier.

or i need to find where in the code it references the beefalo actions so i can change it to to my custom character actions.

Does anyone know where in the code the beefalo actions are called and referenced or a better way to combine scml files? 

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