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Hello I am fellow creative student

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Hello  I am student in Winnipeg of Canada. I have thought of brilliant DLC size mod idea where I want to make

However, I never done coding and I am very busy studying

So I wonder I can get help with art, music or coding

I know how to play piano or ocarina and I can write all the info about this DLC and share with you guys if wanted

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If you're having trouble locating the Mod forums, here's a link: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/forum/26-dont-starve-mods-and-tools/


That will be the best place to ask for help since that's where people who know code and/or want to contribute to mods will be reading more often.  


To be honest though, you may not get much interest or support. Anyone can come up with an idea and say "do this, do that". Coders and creators will want some equal effort alongside what they do for free. If you're too busy to even create a project outline, let alone contribute, they may not want to either. A DLC-sized mod will take months, if not a few years, to create - and will require constant upkeep, 

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