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How do you lock targets on Xbox

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 I need help with locking on targets once I was fighting Bearger I got killed because the it keeps on making me hit a butterfly and when I don’t need it. it randomly pops up and locks a random target  I have tryed to looked it up it showed how to do it but it doesn’t work for me.the instructions were press Y for 1 second then use the screen rotation buttons (RB & LB) but it just doesn’t work for me is there something else to do that I missed or is the controls updated this is a very great game it’s just annoying to get killed Because of not attacking correctly and rollback again and again and again dose anyone know how to? If you do please let me know 

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On 10/31/2019 at 10:15 PM, bizziboi said:

I believe it's pressing L3 (left analogue stick) to lock, but....I may be wrong.

Hey can you fix it so that I have a clear indication that I have a target already locked please?? 

Or make it so that after a Target gets far enough away the game Auto-Untargets Them??

The reason I say this is that If you lock a target then a good majority of your gameplay actions become unusable, such as.. putting more wood into a dying campfire for example.

And so.. The Butterfly I completely forgot I had targeted earlier that day led to my Ultimate Demise by the time I remembered to Untarget it manually.

Its an Embarrassing Faceplam moment.. but it’s one that’s probably incredibly easy to replicate. :( 

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