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Hatch Stable - Pez Dispenser meets Air Mailing

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@gaucho_tchewas interested in seeing my current Hatch ranch, so here it is.

The basic premise is that the Stone Hatches use a Pez dispenser style feeding mechanism to drop into the stables one at a time. Each stable is a wide flat stable, with a door to close when the stable needs to be filled. You don't see any incubators as I delete them after the ranches are filled.




The salt water at the bottom left is the drowning chamber. You don't need near this much water. (I got distracted and my dupes overfilled it. Oops.) IIRC, you need 500kg per tile to drown hatches. I usually just fill it so that there's a bit of water in the doors. Any extra hatches not caught by the stables fall through the closed pneumatic doors and drown. All unneeded eggs are deposited into the tank as well via conveyor line.


Conveyors are simple and incomplete. Everything but eggs are put in the left loader and sent away to be sorted (Not implemented yet, that's why you see a big pile under the dropoff.) The right hand loaders get all the eggs and drop them in the hatching area of the Pez dispenser. Any egg types you don't want to actively ranch are picked up and put in the top right loader and sent to the drowning room to hatch naturally.

Pez Dispenser: Probably a little complex but this is the best way I know of to automatically feed hatches 1 at a time into the drop area.



The times on the filter gates are usually 10 seconds but I've been having trouble getting the hatches to fall in that amount of time. Most likely due to the 200+ Pacu I have swimming in a smallish tank in my base.) You may need to increase the left hand filter gate. My current game is up to 30 seconds. The random sideways door immediately to the left of the hatches is there to keep babies (who can't jump up/climb) from getting into the dispenser and screwing it up. Somehow they aren't being forced to fall when doors are closed on them like they used used to. The uncontrolled doors are there to allow dupe access and block adult hatches from climbing over the doors. The critter sensors in the door control area are set to Above 0.

Stables: (You can stack as many of these vertically as you like. I went with 4 because this will generate enough meat to feed my target 20 dupes barbecue.)



Nice and simple. The critter sensor is set to above 7. Please ignore the fact that the doors look like they're closed even though they have a green signal. I had amazing timing on pausing the game just as the automation went green but before the doors started to reopen. I didn't notice this until just now and don't have time to redo the picture. The random upside down L made out of doors is to keep the hatches confined to 5 tiles and to keep the size of the room even. I could just as easily used a normal tile above the door and put another tile somewhere else in the room to get it to 96. I use the rest of the stable as storage with the left 2 containers holding whatever I am feeding the hatches. (Sedimentary and igneous rock at this time.)

Drowning room:



Nothing special. Water, doors to keep the critters in the water, conveyor dropoff putting eggs directly in the water. At some point I'll get back to this and add a sweeper/loader to move the meat/eggshells to my kitchen/refining area, but I'm doing other things right now. Once I do build the autosweeper, I will completely lock the dupes out of this room.

Questions, comments, suggestions and reminders of who I stole the stacked stable design with the automation controlled doors to catch hatches when needed are all welcome.

Pez Multi Level - Overview - Automation.jpg

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