Better Dislike Negotiation Effects?

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Currently, whenever you negotiate and someone dislikes you, they always just deal damage to a random argument. I feel like that system could be made significantly cooler -- similar to how, when someone likes you, they have varied negotiation effects depending on their faction and role.

Some neat negotiation dislike effects I thought up of would be:

  • Hesh Cultists give Prayer/Winds of Hesh arguments to the target.
  • Spark Barons incept Straw Man arguments.
  • The Spree:
    • Thiefs discard a random card from your hand at the start of negotiation.
    • Thugs add a Bait argument to the target.
    • Raiders add an Escalation argument to the target.
    • Captains (could you also make these more common? I see patrol leaders quite often but these people are impossible to find) add Impatience to the target.
  • The Jakes:
    • Dockhands incept Vulnerability (A lot of their social boons/combat behavior involves Wound, which is additive damage, so I feel Vulnerability would be a nice fit).
    • Smugglers incept Flustered.
    • Assassins (or maybe unique boss negotiation effects?) remove 1 action from you at the start of negotiation (aka the opposite of the Foremen bonus).
  • Admiralty:
    • Clerks give the Paperwork argument (the one that adds Baffled to your draw pile) to the target.
    • Goons give an Interrogate argument to the target.
    • Guards give every argument on the target additional Composure.
    • Patrol Leaders give every argument on the target additional Resolve.
  • The Feud:
    • Laborers/Heavy Laborers still do damage (in line with how, if they like you, they just do raw damage)
    • Foremen put random Shifts into your draw pile.
    • Wealthy Merchants give Money Talks arguments to the target.
    • Bartenders add a Whispered Rumor to the target.
  • Bilebroker Chemists increase the target's maximum resolve.

This would also have the benefit of "wearing down" the player's resolve as the day progresses, so the Dominance/Influence arguments could be reverted to their previous HP levels (6/4).


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i forgot which admiralty goober give the enemy the shakedown thingy (whatever. it give 30 shills instantly if you destroy it), but i feel like that would be incepted to the player (god i cant English anymore). its a mini, possibly avoidable pain of a merchant, but still an idea, especially if the opponent starts to target it a bit. still easy to defuse with clean slate or some card that deletes arguments

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