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Help with modding a custom character

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So i've been making a custom character using the help of this video and the esctemplate_ROG version but whenever I load it up as a mod and click apply it goes to the black loading screen, the words loading disappear and im left on that screen for eternity. I've put Shipwrecked_compatible = true in the modinfo files as well as "hamlet_compatible = true" yet even when all other mods are disabled and I try it just keeps sticking to that black screen. When I load the game with the mod installed and applied, I think, (ghost applied or something cause in the mod screen i can click on it to apply it yet what im about to talk about happens) and try making a character everythings blank, I can see the black box with the name and perks of wilson and even hear the clicking as if im switching between characters when i click the arrows but no portrait, nothing.any help? 


sorry if this is disjointed feel free to ask me to explain something better, i havent slept in a day or more for personal reasons.


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