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  1. Thank you, it does seem like a mod is causing this. I was afraid it was something else, knowing this I can deduce which mod it is and disable it. Thanks again.
  2. I had made a post about a month ago about my game crashing once on a world and then doing so repeatedly after the fact endlessly, effectively making the world unplayable for me and this happening with EVERY world I played. At some point or another and this was meant to be fixed with a recent hotfix update but when I finally got the chance to play again just yesterday on my boyfriends world the exact same issue occurred and I will admit it's pretty demoralizing.
  3. Oh thank god. I hadn't been able to play whatsoever. Kind of cheesed that my game was messed up in a way significant enough to require a hotfix.
  4. I used to play don't starve well before DST was a thing and even still have a few worlds on my wiiU from my brief stint of playing RoG on that but I ultimately stopped playing sometime around 2018~ I think and was curious as to what the heck happened? I don't remember the world ever being called the "Constant" and I feel like there was alot of lore development from when I left, the last cinematic I even remember coming out was for hamlet and even then I hadn't been playing for a little bit. A little rundown would be nice, y'know?
  5. I don't think there should be more jerks for gameplay as the monkeys this game has fill that niche perfectly and make me want to toss my entire self into the center of the sun but maybe some sort of mythological boss creature or something like the loathsome dung eater. Someone who is just completely and utterly reprehensible but hasn't done anything bad to US.
  6. This started in a one player world where at first the game would crash, I would reload the world and then bam crash again within 5 seconds of me walking around. Repeat process a few times and figure "Ah screw it." So I deleted and redownloaded DST, nothing. Verify integrity, nothing. I'm 99% sure I have let this game through the firewall, any help?
  7. 10000% a singleplayer update. I've been into don't starve since before DST and seeing the singleplayer variant get neglected (I feel most likely because it's lack of repeat profitability.) has really really sucked. I love DST for what it is but doing singleplayer and having to download a mod to make fighting bosses even remotely fair or having to deal with lag issues in a singleplayer world it's all scratching at the wrong places. I think the update I have in mind would be smaller than a major overhaul and pretty much just balance-based, yknow? Something to give you an option for an "Alone" experience where you're effectively playing "Offline" with health reduced on enemies and certain items reworked a tad to make them more balanced for the lone survivor. I love playing DST with my boyfriend but I don't wanna have to worry when winter comes in my singleplayer world if I'll rubberband 70 feet away after trying to hit the deerclops once.