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[Game Update] - 1136

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JanH    7284

Update 1.1.36 (Xbox One)

Salty Dog:

Welcome to the brine shoals. Filled with the new salt rock resource, survivors looking to stretch the life of their food with this new spice will need to brave the dreaded Cookie Cutters. And watch out for the Malbatross. Getting on it's bad side will be a weight around anyone's neck.

Facing these new dangers and coming home with the goods will make you a real salty dog!

Key Features:

  • New Warly Spice (Salt): Spice things up with a new seasoning for heartier dishes.
  • Salt Formations: Gather the new salt resource from odd formations scattered throughout the ocean.
  • Cookie Cutters: Defend your deliciously-shaped boat from new, hungry sea creatures.
  • The Malbatross: Battle on the high seas with a feathery new foe.
  • New Resources: Find and gather Salt Rocks, Malbatross Feathers, the Malbatross Bill, and Cookie Cutter Shells.
  • New Craftables: You can now create the Salt Box, Feathery Canvas, Winged Sail, and Cookie Cutter Cap.

Hallowed Nights will be returning in a couple weeks and with it our Survivors will meet a new friend. We'll have more details soon, but we thought you might enjoy this little sample from our next short. 


Update Notes:

- Fixed a crash when Winona's Catapult burns down while the Varg is attacking it.
- Bearger vest’s hunger reduction now works again.
- Incomplete Suspicious Marbles will no longer drop their other piece when minded by non-player characters or creatures.
- Building walls will now test the correct ground position
- Werebeaver can no longer extend the walking plank (This was originally added because the old style werebeaver could easily get stuck on a boat).
- Weremoose can now jump off an extended plank
- Dusk and night ambience are now hooked up.
- Work music changed back to original Autumn.

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Mike23Ua    7301

Why does it say Return of Them Beta on my Xbox?? It’s in tiny text beside the Malbatross on the main menu but I did not think Consoles had a Beta stage for DST has this changed?

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