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honestly, it urgently needs to have a good multiplayer with a global ranking


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Hello and sorry for my English. I love the game but, honestly, it urgently and desperately needs to have a good multiplayer with a global ranking and by zones (like trackmania) or seum. This is what stimulates again and again to repeat the content, limiting it only to friends is not the same.
I know there are those who say it's because of cheats but seum, for example, has shown that it can be done without problem as long as there is some surveillance of klei.

I don't quite understand how a company like Klei gets an obviously competitive and speedrun game without the minimum characteristics for it.



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It is as you've heard- the game is made in Unity and as such a lot of the base code is exposed for people to edit to their whim.

Having a global leaderboard would give rise to a lot of very low times and such and would, as you pointed out, need moderation.


Mark, the lead dev for this project, made mention on the discord that the team thought about having a community-moderated board by having an 'overwatch' styled review system like Valve does with counterstrike or have elected people do moderation.

Me, personally, after probing the leaderboards multiple times would say that a global leaderboard would be a really bad idea unless these safeguards were put in place well before the times were exposed to everyone else.  It'd look bad to see all the cheats and frauds run amok the legitimates.

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