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Is it possible to add pet?


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If you're making a hound sized pet that helps your character then that would be easier but if you're wanting to make something beefalo sized that is rideable then that would require you to keep some things in mind. I've been working on a creature mod that's rideable so just thought I would add what I know.

The rideable component changes the animation bank for both the player mounted and the mount to "wilsonbeefalo", this means that all the animation files named "player_mount.." would be used when mounted. Now my thinking is that these mount animation files work best with the beefalo textures only. That is why I would suggest if it is a rideable pet to work off of the beefalo as a base. Also the beefalo code may be too excessive for what you need so you would need to be able to understand it and then remove aspects that don't apply to your pet, such as being part of a herd, having tendencies, or working around the whole domestication process part of it.

If you do decide to go down this route my advice would be to try to stick as closely as you can to the beefalo texture placements, so basically don't move any pivots around (but you can find some freedom by moving textures in your art software instead) because if you do then there is not just the beefalo animation files you will need to adjust but also the player_mount ones and there's a lot of them. However it isn't impossible either so I'm not trying to put you off, just saying it would make things easier for yourself. I decided to do the latter and thanks to the help of someone from the forum I have this sort of dummy build, post linked here, to help me decompile the player_mount animations to have both a player texture and the mount so I can make my changes and they show in-game. Oh and also there is a chance of your animations breaking due to updates but to just aviod all that, if you can make a texture and not have to make changes to the animation files that would be your best option. But still you may encounter odd issues as I still do with making a rideable creature.

Also, keep in mind that I'm still learning so I'm in no way an expert in any of this.

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I've done editing the animation but what do I do to the left over animaiton clips like grazing motion?

Also how do I apply in the mod? What components and lua file do I need to have?

I have so many things to ask but I don't know what to do next!  

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