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Return of Them? They were already here (Theory)

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I have my own headcanon/theory:

Shadow Pieces are the servants of Them.

They (shadow pieces) manifested long time ago in pre-ruined ruins. Ancients considered them to be gods and begun making defence mashines that reseble them (in a "Gods will protect us" fasion).

When the end arrived and Ancient King became the 1st one to sit on the Shadow Throne They sent Shadow Pieces to enslave him in a form of Shadow Autrium.

So yeah it might be a stretch but They were already present here via Their servants.

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I don’t keep up with this games lore most of it is unconfirmed fan made theories and as far as I am aware there isn’t an actual story mode for it... 

(outside of Adventure mode in Singleplayer DS)

the start up animation where the girl (presumably Charlie??) frees Wilson from capture and then struggles between doing good or bad things to him and then sits on the throne as a mix of both good and evil- sure that trailer LOOKS interesting but what (if anything at all) does that have to do with Actual gameplay?

just for a second forget everything you know about DST and go fire the game up in a new world wandering around, you’d be confused and uncertain as to what is even the purpose besides to survive for as long as possible- find food, and Don’t Starve.

the game does nothing in the way of shedding any actual light on what your doing, why your there, etc.. etc.. so (i know this will be hard for some of you to do..) but just for a second erase your mind of everything you know about the game and pretend your playing it for the first time- there’s no clues, no instructions.. and without detailed walkthroughs online of literally every.. little.. thing.. you can name- you’d be a sad lost little puppy dying a lot and learning things at a painfully slow pace.

when experts join the game wanting help in killing McTusk or Krampii and building some Celestial Portal your gonna be sitting there like... “dude give me a damn break, I’m just trying to find some carrots and berries so I don’t die of starvation!!” 

I don’t look things up often online because as you can guess by now I enjoy discovering the games secrets for myself- I also love that there’s not some detailed step by step instructions guide that holds your hand the whole way through.. however I haven’t learned enough because I normally die of freezing to death as soon as Winter Season starts.


yet there’s people on here talking about The End Game...

hahaha yeah I’m lost. But that’s okay cause I’ll play the game and enjoy it my way while you guys plot detailed strategies on how to take on the newest challenges they throw in for you experts who have done it all by now.

where I’m at currently- I’ve just figured out hammering a giant bee hive repeatedly is a VERY BAD IDEA. >.<

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