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Babysitting equipment

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ONI has come A LONG way when it comes to automation.
And yet, there is still critical equipment which cannot be automated, it cannot have settings applied to it so you are left with no choice but to stare at the screen with your finger twitching on the pause button.

I have one example from my latest colony but I would like to discuss other cases like this as well.Capture.PNG.c60f9d60c2fa634a4aadf7908242f92c.PNG

All I wanted was to have 10 KG or so of water so I can safely tap into the Geyser.
Instead I have a flood on my hands because I was distracted for ~1 cycle.

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While what you have there specifically isn't a big deal, I agree there's an issue with over-filling for bottle/canister emptiers. When I want to fill a room with chlorine/hydrogen, I need to look closely they don't over fill the room.

What best would be if you could set requests like you do with grills/refineries. So instead of "make 5 mush bars" you'll have "fill with 10kg water".

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