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What Woodies rework shouldve been...

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Ahh woodie, poor woodie. He received 2 nerfs 1 after the other. He really didnt need to be nerfed so hard at least not after what they did to him from the port to dst.


Anyway I have an idea of what might make his whole character a bit more viable.

Normal woodie is completely fine imo, you get to chop wood faster without a downside, you have average stats etc, he can also be used for gathering living logs i guess? The transformations being this underwhelming, will need to be seriously buffed in order to make him a somewhat viable character in the meta.

Just to add more control to woodies transformations we should be able to increase our meter by doing certain actions in each form. Also the maximum drain should be lower, maybe halved, because right now its way too difficult to stay off the max drain which decreases ur transformation time really fast.

First lets start with the goose. The goose should be able to swim and instead of the controls being like a shipwrecked boat, when you get in the water you have to right click to paddle with your feet, as to be able to get more transformation time on well timed paddles(this is also crucial as to not sink after running out of transformation time and it also makes woodie a specialist). This way woodie can maintain his goose form for a long time in the water which makes him a specialist at exploring/traversing the seas. Although it might not be what woodie is as a character this is the only way i can think of to make his goose form viable, early and late game. The gooses max speed(which u only get by timing) should be on par with the new sail. If you dont time your paddles very well, the drain will increase just to make it a bit more risky and also youre vulnerable to sea creatures/bosses since you cant fight back. Should klei ever add any events in the seas which stir the waters, it should be risky for the goose to travel, because geese arent really sea creatures they live in rivers and lakes which are much more tame than a stormy ocean.

Now, the moose. This transformation really is a tricky one, it could be really op but it can also turn out like it is now...   Honestly i think the charge should be removed, or at the very least, it should have lifesteal. I think having a % lifesteal would be way too strong, so maybe getting 10 health or so(along with some more transformation time) per enemy hit would be pretty good. That makes the form excel against large groups, and still somewhat viable against larger enemies. This could be really easily exploited from fighting bees so it should have a cap of 30 health. Still pretty strong, but lets not forget that wortox exists. Other than that he should have way less drain when out of combat. If deerclops freezes you, currently theres no way to avoid transforming back, imagine what would happen with queen bee. Thats pretty much it. Kiting is still impossible with almost every mob so its not completely broken.

The beaver, the transformation that i have the least problems with. The beaver is what it should be, he is a pure resource gathering form which imo only needs 2 changes:

1. Mining/chopping should give more form time.

2. Sanity drain should be a lot smaller, beavers are cute, you shoudnt go insane by roleplaying as one for a couple hours. Also it makes the beaver actually useful, since u can focus on just resource gathering.


Thats it. Im sorry for being all over the place with my writing, im not used to writing long forum posts, but i think i made my points. I feel like these changes will make woodie unique and stand out in the new meta with all these overpowered characters, while at the same time, not throwing kleis work down the drain and removing the 2 new transformations. I hope someone from klei looks at this just to get an idea of what changes should be made post rework, if any are being planned. I also tried to suggest as many value changes as possible as to not add more work with animations, sounds and such, but the goose being the most lacking form had to have drastic changes. If this was the rework that woodie got I wouldve been much, much happier with the outcome, because from what im seeing in the forums there are a lot of people that arent satisfied with the changes. Anyway let me know if you agree or if you think this would make him too strong.



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