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DST Extended - Mod Pack

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Hi Everyone,



I have been compiling and curating a mod list for the past two years, and I wanted to let me know if anything else is missing or if anything should be removed.


Criterias of the mod:

- Lore-friendly

- Quality

- Good design

- Balanced

- Adds value to the game experience


Let me know what you think.

I was also thinking of buying a Dedicated server node for this modpack, for the EU region. Depending on interest.


And the question I always ask:

What are some favorite mods that you would like to see be in the game?


Basically, that's the question I answered while picking the mods.

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Thanks for including my adventure mod, but it depends on what exactly you want to achieve with your modlist, maybe adjust the description a bit.
Because of course you should not alawys have the adventure mod enabled, only if you want to play the adventure :D And it might be incompatible with other mods (especially worldgen mods).
So while it is defintely a mod you should have played, it is nothing that should be always active.
And that is what I wanted to clarify :)

Now to other mods, you are looking for quality and since I'm a moder I can tell you about some of the mods (the ones I know):

1) All "Scythes" mods do overwrite the PICK action. This might cause incompatibilty to changes the devs are making and I think the latest updates already made it inompatible. So unless the author pushed an update lately, I dont suggest to use these mods.
I made a private scythe mod for myself that does not overwrite the action, but it has other downsides, so I also would not recommend my version (it is using the game intern Tag "fastpicker")

2) Archery mod has tons of bugs and currently not worked on. I played with it alot, but currently I would not recommend it. maybe find another ranged-attack mod.

3) Large boats has currently also bugs, eg this one (watch for updates if it gets fixed since author is still working on it): https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/1839858501/2686880925156087465/?ctp=2#c1628537372818640815

Okay.. thats it, unfortunately I only know ~8 mods of your list and I told you about 3 of them above :D

I would recommend:
- Teleportato mod (required for adventure anyway). Teleportato can always be active with your favourite settings and if you enable the "variate world" setting, you will automatically generate a world with randomized worldsettings when worldjumping.
- Increase Animals + Setpieces: You can increase the amount of mobs found in the world in a better way than the poor worldsettings of Klei do. And you can enable some of the game setpieces and set their amount. Here we have again a randomizer setting, which should be combined with the teleportato setting, to get a different kind of world everytime you are worldjumping.
- Automatic Health Adjust: In case you want health of mobs depend on the number of active players. Especially for dedicated servers this might be interesting. You can make it easier, but also harder with this mod.
- Repair Combine: Eg. you can combine a logsuit with 10% and a logsuit with 30% to a logsuit with 40%. This will get rid of all those tools with low durability laying in the world.
 - Show Me : shows alot of helpful information. You can also take a look at the fork of it within my workshop, I added even more information. stars version also includes "chest highlight", which is currently done by the Finder Mod in your list. Better do not have both features enabled, so if there is a setting disable one, or use my version of Show Me instead.

Mods from other authors, all of them are client_only:
Craft Pot: shows you all recipes and needed inputs when cooking.
Combined Status: I think everyone should always have it active.
ActionQueue Reborn: also a must have to not get crazy by all those clicks :D

In fact I have ~50 mods I always have active when playing. But for the above I tried to focus on mods I could not play without.

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